How To Make Your Golf Cart Go Faster

You are in search of how to make your golf cart go faster, aren’t you? And you might get confused when surrounded by a bunch of information available out there. Don’t worry. You will no longer get stuck in this situation as we are here to help you out.

Today’s article is a short guide on how to make your golf cart go faster. To give you an overview of this topic, we should say there are four ways to boost your golf cart’s speed. Yet before diving into to know what they are, let’s take a look at some information about the speed of golf carts first.

What is the ideal speed for a golf cart?

Have you ever wondered how quickly your golf cart goes? Well, most golf carts today are designed to go at a speed of about 15 miles/hour. It is an ideal speed for many folks though, there are a number of folks seeking a way to boost the speed of their golf carts. So, how could one achieve it, and what is its cost? Could you perform it on your own? We are going to share the answers for now!

How to make your golf cart go faster

1 – Torque addition to golf cart

Of course, you get what speed is, but the concept of “torque” might be new to you. Torque, in the simple way, is the motor’s pulling power and is the feature of current. This means the golf cart would get more torque if the current is higher.

Now, the question is, “How could you get additional power from a golf cart? Well, the first point to talk about is that you should get:

  • Speed = Voltage
  • Torque = Amperage

If you require higher speed from the golf carts, you would need to boost the RPM. But how? Basically, two methods are available for you to do as follows:

  • Utilize a powerful RPM motor: allowing you to let a voltage alone.
  • Offer more voltage to your motor: letting you remain the current motor, in addition to offering more voltage, leading to perfect top-end speed.

But remember that voltage and amperage are quite inversely proportional based on the rules of electricity. As one is lower, the other will go up. For easy understanding, think about a seesaw you used to play on when you’re a child. Someone goes up, the other on the opposite side goes down.

And at present, with many upgrades and modifications to get one or others, you might lose several performances elsewhere. It’s something you would want to remember when upgrading part to the golf cart electrical power. Like a seesaw,  you know, when you get power in an area upgraded, it might cost you power/performance elsewhere.

You might wonder how you could avoid uneven golf cart power. Well, you only need to upgrade all necessary parts to get even torque and power throughout the whole cart. It is safe to say upgrading power is just like a critical point to increase your golf cart speed.

2 – Get your motor upgraded

You might not know this, but Series Wound DC Motor (Torque) is designed with a bigger inside field coil. This will allow a bigger magnetic field creation and hold the armature more safely, resulting in greater speed/torque production. If you are seeking higher torque in the Yamaha, Club Car, or EZGO golf cart, it is a great idea to don’t care much about the motor speed.

Meanwhile, Series Wound DC Motor (Speed) comes with smaller field coils than what the above motors offer. Accordingly, it will produce weaker magnetic fields and let their armature spin around a higher RMP. As a result, there is a better top-end speed. This might be the ideal choice for you if you are looking to increase the speed of your golf cart.

In a nutshell, the assembly of the torque engine will offer the golf cart more power. Still, you could compromise speed.

3 – Get golf cart’s speed controller improved

There are, in addition to the motor, some components you have to think about when upgrading. Especially, setting up a speed motor or torque motor mightn’t be the final option.

It would help if you remembered several things are the golf cart’s key electrical components playing a critical role in the gold cart system: golf cart speed controller and solenoid relay. They are placed between its battery bank and its motor. If they aren’t upgraded, you could face the problem of making a bottleneck condition.

We suggest upgrading every component to the right amp level. And if you are going to upgrade your motor and increase the golf card speed, check out the list below:

  • Motor
  • Speed Controller
  • Solenoid Relay

4 – Use better tires

You know, getting upgraded tires and getting the bigger size of tires is among the easiest approaches to boost the speed of the golf cart. This is an ideal solution for electric and gas golf carts. And if you set up tires with a bigger diameter on the golf cart, you could get a better top speed.

Many stock golf carts feature conventional 8-inch tires. Larger ones alone (20-24 inches) without upgrades like a new speed controller and motor, to name a few, could add 2-4mph to the golf cart relying on the size of your tires. Several perks to get your tires upgraded to get higher speed is:

  • It is easy to gain: putting larger tires on a golf cart couldn’t be easier! Virtually does it take much time to carry out and could be performed by folks. You effortlessly remove the old ones and set up the new tires. Then, be ready for a higher golf cart speed!
  • It is cost-effective: this will save you much money compared to other options of speed upgrade.

Final Thoughts

In short, there is no perfect solution to boosting the golf cart speed. There are several elements to consider, like how the pieces, changes, and parts interact with the golf cart. A planned way, as well as a structured method, will lead to fewer headaches for you and more overall satisfaction!

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