The IEEE Radar Conference

Save the date for the IEEE Radar Conference

For 2017, the IEEE Radar Conference returns west after eight years and arrives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for the first time. The conference timing coincides with the 100th anniversary of incorporation of Boeing; our theme, “Building on a Century of Innovation,” unites the past and future. Looking back, we highlight seminal radar developments including the development of one of, if not the, first high PRF, pulse Doppler test radars, advances in civil aviation, and the world’s first digitally-processed Synthetic Aperture Radar image from space. Looking forward, we envision an exciting week of exploring the latest developments in research, development and deployment of radar systems for applications from local indoor monitoring to spaceborne remote sensing.

The recently-updated Westin Seattle Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Seattle, is an ideal venue for the conference. In addition to providing the formal conference areas and functions, ample space ensures opportunities for the camaraderie amongst attendees that is a hallmark of this conference. For convenience, the hotel has light-rail service to the airport and is a short walk to sites
of interest such as the waterfront, Pioneer Square and Pike Place.

Please clear your calendars for 8-12 May, 2017 and join us in the Emerald City.

Organizing Committee

  • General Chair: Dr. Daniel J. Sego, The Boeing Company
  • General co-Chair: Dr. David A. Whelan, The Boeing Company
  • Technical Chair: Dr. Martie Goulding, MDA Systems LTD
  • Technical co-Chair: Prof. Yasao Kuga, University of Washington
  • Technical co-chair:Dawn Gidner, Honeywell
  • University Chair: Prof. John Sahr, University of Washington
  • Finance Chair: Dr. Tim Lee, The Boeing Company
  • Tutorials Chair: Dr. Brian Cordill, The Boeing Company
  • Student Program Chair: Derek Smolka, The Boeing Company
  • Special Sessions Chair: Dr. Sumit Roy, University of Washington
  • Publicity Chair: Dr. Bill Correll, Jr. MDA Information Systems LLC
  • Publications Chair: Dr. Gordon Farquharson, UW Applied Physics Lab
  • International Participation Chair: Prof. Hugh Griffiths, University College London
  • Exhibits Chair: John Mower, UW Applied Physics Lab
  • Women in Engineering (WIE) Chair: Dr. Irena Atov, Microsoft
  • AES Seattle Chapter Chair: Tyler Marshall
  • Committee Advisor: John Milan
  • Conference Advisor: John S. Williams

Advisory Council

  • Dr Mark Davis, IEEE AESS
  • Dr. Iram Weinstein, IEEE AESS
  • Prof. Shannon Blunt, Kansas University

Event Coordinator: Patty Woodard, STB Event Planning

Exhibits Coordinator: Brian Woodard, STB Event Planning